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Snow Procedures

  • If at all possible, do not travel on the streets until the snow fall is complete and plows have passed through the community. Driving on unplowed roads only compacts the snow, making it more difficult for sufficient plowing services to be effective; this can lead to the need for additional equipment.


  • Please do not throw snow into the streets when clearing your vehicles or parking spaces. This will increase the cost of snow removal, as well as block previously passable areas.


  • Please shovel your sidewalks as promptly as possible for safe passage.


  • Please assist in shoveling out fire hydrants for you and your fellow residents' personal safety, as well as shoveling around mailbox clusters to ensure timely mail delivery.  Contracted shoveling crews add to the Association expense.


  • Please clear the opening of storm drains of snow and ice to prevent flooding.


  • Plows are dispatched to the community at approximately two (2) inches of accumulation. Please do not contact NRPartners Management, for updates on the plow's location.


  • Inclement weather can cause delays or cancellations in trash services, please visit for updates during wintery weather. Please do not place trash out if you are unsure if it will be collected. Trash cans block the plows and the uncollected trash can attract pests.


  • Putting salt on road surfaces prior to a snowfall wastes time and money since the salt blows right off the streets. Salt is most effective after the snow has accumulated about one (1) inch, and the temperature is 20 F/-6 C or higher. Under these conditions, the salt and snow will mix, melting the snow into a slush that can be plowed off the pavement. This melting action will occur within two hours, less if cars are already using the roads. If the temperature is below 20 F/-6 C, the salt will not melt the snow and ice.


  • The plows will not remove snow, only plow. When doing so, snow may get pushed behind your vehicle or driveway as the plow makes a path down the drive lanes. Please do not throw the snow back into the street.


  • In order for parking spaces to be plowed, there must be at a minimum 4 consecutive spaces empty to allow the plow sufficient room to work safely. Parking spaces will only be cleared at the direction of the Board and Management.


  • D'Evereux Circle Drive and Mittendorf are public roads, and are not plowed by the Association. For updates you may contact 703-383-VDOT.

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