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Community Handbook

This handbook has been published to help educate the community as to the rules and regulations that govern our activities within Tartan Village. The handbook contains a summary of Tartan Village’s rules and regulations and does not in any way take the place of the governing documents of the Association. Those governing documents are the By-Laws, the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (DCCR) and the Articles of Incorporation. If there is any conflict between this handbook and those documents those documents will prevail.

We have strived to balance the necessity of having rules to preserve the plan of the community and to preserve property values with the individual creativity and interest of our residents and this is a goal that the Board of Directors continues to work towards.
We will need from time to time to make changes to various sections of the handbook and these said changes will be published and distributed to the members of our homeowners association

Please read this handbook. If you find you have a question about something in the handbook whether it is for clarification on a section or you do not find the answer within the handbook, please contact the Management Company.


Keep this handbook in a place that is easily accessible to you so you will always have it to refer to. If you move or are renting your home please make sure a copy is left for either the new homeowner or your tenants.


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