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The Tartan Village Community Association (TVCA) rules require that any lease be filed with the Management Company. While renting out the home, the homeowner is responsible for the upkeep of the property, abiding by the rules and regulations set forth in the Community Handbook and all other community governing documents. Homeowners must provide their renters with a copy of the Community Handbook to ensure everyone living on the property is aware of the rules. In accordance with Fairfax County Code, it is illegal to rent out your basement if you live in the living space above it. Fairfax County does not allow for basement renting in townhome units. Anyone found to be in violation may be pursued by the county.


1. Register the unit with the Management Company

In order to maintain proper records and notification purposes, Tartan Village requires that homeowners who rent out their property provide the Management Company with their updated permanent (non-Tartan Village) mailing address, contact numbers, and emails (as applicable). All official Tartan Village mailings, including certified mail for purposes of violation hearings, are sent to the permanent address on file at the Management Company. If tenants sign for the certified hearing notice, homeowners are still responsible for the receipt of that important mailing. Registering your unit as a rental unit protects you as a homeowner to ensure that you are notified of all Tartan Village meetings as well as ensures that you receive all notices of non-compliance about your property.


2. Communication Tips

If you would like for your tenants to receive copies of mailings that are distributed through Tartan Village you need to inform the Management Company in writing.


It is your responsibility to ensure that your tenants are aware of all of the community rules they are required to follow (e.g. arrange for a landscaper to mow your grass, or ensure your tenant is aware of the grass regulations and abides by them), including the parking policy. Renters that park in visitor spots and violate the parking policy will be towed at their own expense. Each home is assigned two “reserved” parking spots.

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