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Board of Directors


The Board is responsible for making all of the operational decisions affecting the community association, with the exception of certain powers which are specified in the governing documents.  The Board is also responsible for representing the collective needs and desires of the homeowners. The Board usually has the authority to determine the broad range of quality and quantity of services provided by or for the association. Additionally, one of the more important functions of the Board is to establish the organizational structure for the community association.  The organizational structure determines a chain of command to specifically assign the tasks and duties of the community association to a management team and committees of the Board. 
The members of the Board are democratically elected by the community's homeowners. Elections to the Board are held at the association's annual meeting and members typically serve staggered, multi-year terms. 


If you are interested in becoming a board member then please complete the Statement of Candidacy Form and submit to the Nomination Committee or Community Manager

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