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The Board of Directors or its representative will monitor this site periodically to ascertain views of members of the community regarding  association matters.  However, if you have a community concerns that you think needs to be addressed more rapidly then please contact the Community Management.  Although views expressed on this site and through emails will be considered, the Board will not necessarily respond by a posting or other communication. 


Specific owner requests of the Board or management should not be made on this site, because this site is for general communication about community issues rather than specific requests.  Instead, specific requests should be conveyed by contacting the Community Management or attending a Board of Directors meeting.  Anyone posting on this site is responsible for the contents of the posting.  Neither the Association nor its officers, directors or agents are responsible for anything posted on this site by others. The Board has the right to remove or alter anything from the site that is not a matter concerning the community Association.  This can include personal attacks.  Owners are requested to restrict comments to the merits of an issue concerning the community. 


Please comply with the following rules: 

  1. Only use this forum to post things relevant to the Tartan Village Community

  2. All posters are solely responsible for the messages they post. 

  3. No posts/message may contain vulgar language, inappropriate images, personal attacks of any kind against any person, comments or content that promotes or perpetuates discrimination, spam or links to other sites, advocating illegal activity, infringements on copyrights or trademarks, personally identifiable medical information, or information that may compromise the safety, security, or proceedings of any legal action pertaining to the Association. 

  4. The Tartan Village Board of Directors or its representatives may remove any content, in their sole discretion, deemed inappropriate or harmful to the Association or any individual.

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