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Annual Inspections

The 2017 annual inspections will begin in late Spring of 2017 and will be conducted by National Realty Partners (NRP) management company.

A full front and rear inspection will be conducted of each property using the current Architectural Guidelines. You can read more about the inspection in the May 15, 2017 Community Update sent to each owner on file with the Management Company. Please click HERE to read more.

Common Violations Include:

  • Repair and paint wood rot around widnows, doors, general house trim, etc.

  • Upkeep, and/or clean painted areas, such as wood trim, windows/door frames, painted foundations, ect.

  • Power wash / keep clean: Vinyl siding, painted foundations, walkouts, etc.

  • Repair / replace damaged windows, window screens, etc.

  • Maintain landscaping and control weeds of yards, flower beds/foundation beds, including trim plants, shrubs and trees within beds, etc.

  • Remove trash cans and other occasionally used objects from public view

  • Repair cracked and sunken areas on walkways/steps.

The goal of the inspections is to ensure homes in the community are maintained in accordance with established Association standards and to maintain community appearance, curb appeal and home values.

Please contact Michelle Baquero at NRP management if you have questions.

-Board of Directors

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