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Drainage and Trail Project - Update

The drainage and trail replacement project consists of the reconstruction of the trail system from Telegraph Road to D’Evereaux Circle and work to provide a stabilized condition to help alleviate water ponding and soil erosion in the community common spaces behind various townhomes.

This first phase of this project is scheduled to begin on Monday May 1st, 2017. This will be the removal of the existing asphalt trail from Telegraph road to D'Evereaux Circle.

The trail is closed during this demolition and should not be used.

The following streets and areas will be impacted during the demolition phase:

  • Harbour Court (Fence Side)

  • Martinique (Fence Side)

  • Leeward Lane

  • St Genevieve

  • Cannes Court

  • Pleasure Cove

  • Chapel Cove

More information on the project is available for review at the May 6th, 2017 Landscape Community Meeting at the Kingstowne Library at 1:00PM and event details can be found on the Calendar Page.

Kristine Caraway and Michelle Baquero of NRP Management are the primary contacts during the duration of this project. Report any concerns or complaints directly to NRP Management.

-Board of Directors

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