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Tree Removal

The landscape committee, working with Shenandoah Landscape, has identified dead, diseased, and pest infested trees around the community. These trees will need to be removed and the soil given time to mend before re-planting can take place.

The trees are marked with a colored tags and it is important that these tags are not removed so that the removal plan can proceed without any confusion. The quicker we are able to remove the dead trees the sooner we can proceed with planning and implementing a re-planting schedule. Please ask your children not to disturb these trees and the colored tags.

The landscape committee is working on the tree replanting schedule for the community and if any owner wants to be involved then please feel free to attend the upcoming landscape committee meetings, which can be found on the community calendar. Additionally, the committee is also accepting planting donations to move forward with a future butterfly garden.

-Tartan Village Community Outreach

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