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2017 Budget

The Board of Directors held the annual Budget meeting on November 2, 2016 to discuss and approve the 2017 Budget. Thank you for everyone that came out to participate and provide feedback on the budget process.

Tartan Village experienced some large costs overages this year (2016) primarily due to snow maintenance and legal expenses. Additionally, we have fact of life contract inflation in the American Disposal and Shenandoah Landscape contracts. The plan for 2017 is to increase snow maintenance to match what we have been experiencing, decrease legal, and increase investment in landscaping improvements. After much discussion and open suggestions from the community members, the Board approved the 2017 Budget. The 2017 Budget will be mailed to all members (owners) at their address on file with NRP management company. Please contact NRP management company if you need to up date your contact information.

Very Respectively,

-Board Treasurer

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