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Message from Shenandoah Landscape

As we enter the last three months of the 2016 maintenance season, we are in the process of scheduling and completing our final turf applications and services. As October draws to a close, we will end mowing and begin leaf removal services.

Scheduling leaf removal is almost entirely dependent upon weather past, present and future. The very dry Summer should help initiate leaf drop this Fall, and rains/winds in the next three months will help as well. Of course, too much rain will slow our leaf collection process, as will too much wind. Because of these factors, it is nearly impossible to accurately predict scheduled leaf removal for our clients.

We generally try to plan a week at a time based upon the rate of leaf drop.

During leaf removal operations, crews will blow leaves into piles in the streets/parking areas. These piles are removed by vacuum truck. We understand that this occasionally creates an inconvenience to residents while we are working on site. Our crews make every effort to avoid leaving dust and leaves on parked vehicles however, residents specifically concerned about their vehicles should plan to move them during the time we are working in their community.

While our workers try to be mindful of activity around them while they are working, please use extra care when walking or driving near our equipment when in use. We would also like to ask that children be kept away from the trucks, equipment and leaf piles.

-Shenandoah Landscape Services

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