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The New Board of Directors

A lot has changed this year with the Board of Directors. During our March Annual Members meeting we elected Elizabeth (Bibi) Hines, Stephanie Taylor, and Katharine Kamminga as board members. Additionally, our former Board President, Dennis O'Hara, resigned from the Board. In late March the Board held a meeting to appoint Board Officers and a new Board Member to fill Mr. O'Hara's vacancy. Jason Zamorano was elected to fill Mr. O'Hara vacancy for the remainder of his term.

Your Current Board of Directors

President - Elizabeth (Bibi) Hines

Vice President - Harry Archer

Secretary - Katharine Kamminga

Treasurer - Jason Zamorano

Member at Large - Demetri Daniels

Member at Large - Stephanie Taylor

Member at Large - Jake Vanwoerkom

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