Community Outreach Event

A community outreach event was held June 09, 2016 at Edison High school where we had guest speakers from the Fairfax County Health Department and Police Department. In case you couldn't attend below are some highlights.


Fairfax County Health Department guest speaker went over Mosquitoes, Zika virus, and West Nile virus. They discussed what we can do as a community to control/limit Mosquitoes. The number one thing we can do is to eliminate standing water, particular in plastic/artificial containers such as bird baths, buckets, tires, water bowls, wheelbarrows, garbage cans, and garden pots. To learn more visit:


Fairfax County Health Department guest speaker went over Rats, Mice, and Rodents. They provided very interesting information about these pests and what the community can do for control and prevention. The number one thing we can do to control is eliminate their food sources which are primary access to garbage, pet waste and wildlife feed (like bird feed). Highly recommend putting garbage in a tightly seal container, picking up pet waste, and cleaning up bird feed. Traps and baits will not work if they have access to other food sources. To learn more visit:


The Fairfax Count Police Department guest speaker answered any questions about local crime and provided tips on what we can do to help prevent and protect our community. Always report suspicious activities by calling 703-691-2131 and for emergencies call 911.

There was concern regarding vehicle break-ins. One homeowner brought up an article about the use of key fob amplifiers to break in to people vehicles. The police guest speaker indicated that that sort of break-in is actually very rare and in 99% of cases it was simply forgetting to lock your vehicle door or leaving valuables visable from your vehicle window. To prevent please make sure to lock and remove your valuables from your vehicle. Always report suspicious activities by calling 703-691-2131 so the police know if more presents in the community is needed. The Police Department is responsible for a very large area and has limited resources so if we don't report then they don't know. Learn more at:

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