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Committees & Volunteers

Volunteer to help support our community by joining committees. Committees are established with the goal and purpose to help our community in areas of Community Outreach, Environmental and Infrastructure, Election/Nomination of the Board Leadership, and architecture control/policy. If you have ideas or concerns about our community then the best way to help is to join a committee. Read more about current committees and contact us at to get more information about joining.

Architecture Control/Review Committee

The Architecture Review Committee (ACC), is responsible for insuring the community and its residents adhere to all architecture design and maintenance guidelines as stated in the Tartan Village governing documents. The ACC is also responsible for reviewing and approving architectural request applications and periodically reviewing each town-home unit for compliance to community approved standards. Ultimately the goal of the ARC is to help maintain the look and feel of the community so that it retains its desirability and property value while trying to give each homeowner some flexibility when maintaining their home.

Landscape Committee

The Landscape Committee is responsible for the review and evaluation of landscaping and infrastructure maintained by the Homeowners Association. The committee provides recommendations to the Board including changes and/or modifications to the existing landscaping and infrastructure including repair, tree trimming and removal, plant replacement, roads, sidewalks/paths, tennis/basket ball courts, mailboxes, etc. Committee works with the board, the Association's landscape company, and engineer to maintain the community landscape and execute the community reserve study.

Tartan Village Outreach Committee

The events committee is responsible for sponsoring community events, projects, activities, etc. These events are of mutual interest to the Tartan Village residents. In addition, they help to encourage community involvement and spirit.

Nomination Committee

The Nomination Committee will ask for nominations from the Tartan Village members for election to The Board of Directors at the Member’s Annual Meeting. This committee will make as many nominations for election to the Board of Directors as the committee sees fit, but not less than the number of vacancies.

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