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It's officially "Yard Waste" season!

As winter ends, and the thaw begins you will find yourself with what we call “Yard Waste” in the form of organic matter cluttering your yard; do you know the best way to dispose of your Yard Debris to keep your lawn and the environment green?

Proper Preparation for Pick-Up

Loose in a Container

The most preferred method of collecting your yard clippings, leaves, and small branches is loose in a container(s) that can be lifted and dumped into our truck. Yard debris that is collected in plastic bags must be broken open before the composting process can begin, and for that reason, we recommend that you simply collect it in a "yard debris" labeled reusable container. (Did we mention that you'll be saving on all of those yard debris collection bags by investing in a few sturdy compost collection containers?)

Compostable Plastic Bags

Another accepted method of collection is the use of plastic bags that are certified compostable. These can be purchased at most home improvement stores.

Brown Paper Collection Bags

Similar to a compostable plastic bag, a brown paper collection bag, which can also be bought at a local home improvement store, will break down organically with the collected yard debris.

Plastic Bags

Although we will still pick up yard debris collected in a clear plastic bag, this is the least preferred method of collection. In fact, in some Counties, yard waste collected in plastic bags will be prohibited in the future. Plastic is a material that will not bio-degrade at a composting facility. When yard debris is collected using this method, it is dropped off at a facility where people must break open the bags costing the entire process time, energy, and efficiency.

Bundling Methods

In order for us to collect all of the homes on any given route, tree limbs and brush must be no longer than 4 feet in length and 3 inches thick in diameter. These items must be tied with rope or twine so that one man may easily pick-up. American Disposal

Services will collect a maximum of 10 bags of grass clippings and or leaves, and 10 bundles of brush per pick-up. (There will be an extra charge for additional removal of larger amounts of yard debris that must be scheduled in advance through our customer service center.)

The following items are not acceptable for yard debris collection: mulch, dirt, rock, shrubs, trees, tree stumps, and sod