December 27, 2018

Christmas Trees will be picked up the 1st two Wednesdays in January.

Please do not place Christmas trees in plastic bags and ensure to remove all tinsel and decorations from your trees. If you have yard debris after the 13th, it should be placed at the curb on the 2nd day of pick-up until the season resumes on the 1st week of March

December 23, 2018

Please pick up after your pets. Our health may depend on it.  Pet waste left on the grass or in the woods makes its way to storm drains every time it rains. Storm drains lead to lakes or streams that ultimately lead to our drinking water supply.  Pet waste may carry disease-causing organisms.  Additionally, believe it or not rats, mice and rodents can and will feed on pet waste leading to infestations.

Please be considerate of our community and pick up after your pets.  It's not only the responsible thing to do it is the healthy thing to do.  Finally, Fairfax County has the "pooper scooper" law which fines up to $250 for violation.  

To help promote and make it easier for residents to pickup after their pets, Dogi Pot litter bags dispenser have been installed on community trash cans.  Please make use of these bags to clean up your pet's mess.  Thank you for being a good neighbor and picking up after your pets.

-Tartan Village Community Outreach (TVCO)

December 22, 2018

Tuesday, December 25, is Christmas Day and Tuesday, January 1st is New Years Day!

In observance of the holiday, American Disposal Services, Inc. will be closed. 

Due to the Christmas holiday, Tuesday pickup will be serviced Wednesday (December 26th) and Friday pickup will be serviced Saturday (December 29th)

Due to the New Years Holiday, Tuesday Pickup will be serviced Wednesday (January 2nd) and Friday pickup will be serviced Saturday (January 5th).

To ensure collection, please place your containers/items curbside the night before.

December 3, 2018

The Board of Directors held the annual Budget meeting on November 8, 2018 to discuss and approve the 2019 Budget. Thank you for everyone that came out to participate and provide feedback on the budget process. 

The Board of Directors reviewed the overages and savings from 2018 to develop the 2019 budget.

The Board has renegotiated the 2019 trash contact with American Disposal to include equipment for every home starting May 2019, the 2019 landscape contract with Land Care, and the 2018-2019 snow removal contract with NVM. 

The annual assessment will remain the same at $1,184; payable in quarterly installments of $296.00. This assessment reflects efforts to decrease administrative costs and increase investment in improving quality of services and appearance of Tartan Village to protect and improve home values. The new quarterly rate will be effective January 1,2019 and is due January 1st, April 1st, July 1st, and October 1st.

Homeowners will receive the budget mailer wi...

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